About Eduard Boka

And why should you care?

Because of your blind spots. It happens to the best of us. We get so invested in our businesses that sometimes we miss the essentials. 

What’s the 20% that can generate a quick 80%? What’s the next step? It could be a lack of clarity. Or it could be the frustration of not getting the results you want. Perhaps a missing piece of the puzzle?

... and that's where I come in.

I have a particular set of skills. Through marketing coaching and consulting, you can get clear on the next step. In an ocean where everybody’s screaming at the top of their lungs, I’ll get you a megaphone.

As Your Marketing Coach & Consultant you'll discover that...

I'm obsessed

With getting my clients results.

“The things you’ve done with the Facebook ads, the table you’ve built with the answers, the ideas you have, the examples you share. You are on top of your marketing game.” – C.B.

I figure it out

And follow-through with projects.

“You do not quit easily but instead, you figure it out completely. From many things you’ve shown, you dig deep. You can execute and not just plan. Love your discipline and the fact that you’re
reliable.” – S.J.

clients inspire me

And delivering on my promise to you fullfills me.

“You get people and(!) marketing of their stuff. It’s quite a special gift. You always have advice or a solution for getting things done.” – R.F.

Data Speaks to Me

I measure everything and find meaning where it’s not apparent. I love systems.

“You are good at deconstructing and analyzing things. Removing obstacles, targeting, lasering in – you have an eye for detail. You’re definitely technically knowledgeable.” – Y.P.

As A Human Being you'll Notice that...

I love to Motivate

And one of my life’s mission is to empower people to create their own businesses and thrive.

“You learn and teach in an easy to understand way. You can help people (and groups) grow step-by-step. You have the ability to communicate well and get yourself understood. 

A good speaker, having the ability to catch everybody’s attention. Charismatic.” – A.M.

I bring the joy

And I’m always curious with a love for learning.

“You always seem to have a positive mindset. Always helpful and cooperative. I’m always surprised by your willingness to help others with no expectation.

You have the ability and self-awareness to analyze your thoughts and identify what’s going on, and then switch to the best state of mind needed for the thing you’re doing.” – M.F.

And I empower future generations

Helping students start successful businesses through one of my programs